“All we need now, is to fear the Lord…”-Apostle Eric Kwabena Nyamekye

Christians all over the world celebrate the Christmas period as a day our Savior, Jesus Christ was born. Often, the period continues into the 31st day of December -the last day of the Gregorian year.

Most Christians, attend worship services to make a spiritual transition from one year to the next. Over the years, churches have coined several names to depict the phenomenon. The most common name is “Crossover Services”. During these services, Christians listen to their leaders, i.e. Pastors/Prophets/Reverends/Bishops/Teachers, for inspired messages from God.

These messages will help Christians give gratitude to God for the ‘dying’ year as well as desire protection and direction for the next year. During the recent past Watch-night/Crossover Service tremendous statements and messages were shared. Some predictions were made and some prayer topics solicited. Some religions became outraged, as some became appalled with these messages. However, the message from the Chairman, The Church Of Pentecost, Apostle Eric Kwabena Nyamekye is one that hits a spot in your heart. The ending statement of his message reads,

As we celebrate Christmas, and look forward to a new year, I wish to remind you that the birth of Jesus and our acceptance of his Lordship has brought us deliverance from our enemies. All we need now, is to fear the Lord and a generational blessing is guaranteed. We need to move confidently into the coming year knowing that those who fear him lack nothing.

Let us with a gladsome heart sing together with Mary in praise of our king – that his mercy extends to those who fear him from generation to generation. Amen!!!

A prosperous New Year to you from the entire KristocrazyGHyour number one online platform for Christian news and events.


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