Christian Jamaican Hip Hop Artiste Brings Inspiration To Listeners.

Timothy is a christian artiste from Jamaica, specializing in Christian Hip Hop. Timothy hails from the Caribbeans. In his current project he attempts to encourage other Christians through his inspirational music. “The world is going through a challenging time; it is always good to encourage each other as Christians”, he said.

“I myself went through a challenging time when God gave me ‘Bright Days'”, Timothy disclosed. The current project is produced by Jamaica’s powerhouse Jor’dan Armstrong.  This project promises to be one of Timothy’s best yet.

Timothy owns a YouTube channel on which he shares his views on his favorite artists and some happenings in the Christian community. In one of his posts he features the listening session of Snoop Dogg’s recent album.

Timothy’s song, ‘Bright Days’ is available for download on his website

Watch Timothy Live From The Caribbeans on YouTube.

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