Good Samaritans Are Still Among Us!

Last week, an accident occurred during the hours of the day. A motor rider was hit by a driver. The owner of the car bolted after the accident leaving the rider unconscious and bleeding.

An Uber Driver (name withheld) miraculously spotted the bleeding rider on his return trip. After careful maneuver, the good Samaritan stopped by the side of the road to be of help. Some residents and other road users stopped to view the scene but were reluctant to help. The Samaritan made attempts to send the unconscious man to the hospital. Upon arrival it was disclosed that if the Uber driver wasn’t there to help, the rider could have died.

This news comes as a unique one from the lot. Instead of turning into a camera man with our phones, we can actually be of help to people who need it the most. This Uber driver is a clear example of the one individual who chose to go against the ‘current’. He took the pain to stop and be of help to this man in need.

Reports from the nurse say that the rider has been discharged and will continue treatment at the Ridge Hospital. The Uber driver received heartfelt gratitude from the motor rider and his wife. If this good Samaritan had been reluctant, a father of 2 would have died. Would you decide today, to be a good Samaritan when someone needs your help?



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