Jeshurun Okyere to release album

The songwriter and on-air-radio personality, Jeshurun Okyere, he disclosed details of his upcoming album. The singer and on air radio personality for Light 91.9 FM said he’s releasing a single called, Chant (Yahweh), off the Victory album. “It’s a song of prayer and revival. I am known for worship songs and that’s what I feel I’m called to do and that’s what I do”, he said.

The album is set to be released later this year in December or early in January. “We are not sure to do it in December or in January. We are still working towards it, believing God”, said the expectant radio show host.

He also told us about a pending initiative by Light FM and the EIB Network, Unleash. “It is our year-start conference. Helping young people start their year right”, he said. The program is said to happen in December.

Watch his video, “Healing Stream”. Click on the link below.

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